Cecilio Rodriguez is the oldest son of Cecilio and Rebecca Rodriguez.  Born in San Antonio, along with his nine brothers and sisters, he attended St. Anthony’s grade school where he received religious instruction from the Sisters of Divine Providence.  He attended Central Catholic High School, where he received religious instruction from the Marianist Brothers.  He continued his education at St. Mary’s University, another Marianist institution.  Cecilio feels very blessed to have received a Catholic education throughout his life.   Although it was a sacrifice, his parents saw this as an investment in their children’s futures.


After graduating from Pharmacy School at the University of Texas at Austin, Cecilio moved to the Rio Grande Valley where he has resided since 1992.  He and his wife Maricella married in 1997 and have five children:  Loretta, Rebecca, Diego, Lia and Cruz.


It wasn’t until Cecilio attended an ACTS retreat in San Antonio in 2007 that he received a strong calling to do music ministry.  He looked to others involved in music ministry in church, Holy Spirit, to guide him.   He purchased many music books and CD’s, trying to learn as many songs for the mass as possible.  He played music for morning daily mass and was asked to serve on an ACTS retreat in 2008.  He has served as music director for four ACTS retreats. 


Beginning in 2009, he received his first song from the Lord.  As time went by, many more songs would present themselves, either during preparation for retreats, or after morning daily mass, during Adoration, or upon awakening.  Cecilio began to document these songs, and these recordings serve as a documentation of the songs he has received.  Cecilio is very grateful to all who have made this recording possible and have allowed for the possibility for these songs to reach as many people as possible.